As a freelancer, you probably have a lot of talent and ability to offer potential clients. In fact, if you are like me, one of the reasons why you might have made the first business is because you have a number of skills that were not used in your job.
    With as much to choose from as you choose, which offer as independent professional services? And how services should it offer?
    Here are some ideas to help you determine the number of services offered in your autonomous company.

    Consider the needs of your customers

    They can be really good written copies for the media and online publications. You can be very good at photography, but you need your customers these things? If your current customer does not want the services you need to add to your business, you probably will not need to add them just because you can.
    Providing less benefits will make you appear more specific and increase your competences in your field. Just be cautious, do not be too specific, or you may find a lack of work in your future.

    But you can develop your business with aggregated services

    On the other hand, you can check new services to your stand-alone business by checking. Adding new services could help you find new customers or give you more work with current customers.
    On more than one occasion, my current customer has asked me to take more work after I told them about new services that I began to offer. When you expand your services, try to distribute products and similar services.
    For example, independent authors can find more work when they are ready to add video to their finished product. The same is true for photographers. Videography requires learning new skills and new equipment, but it is an additional service that makes sense.

    Consider the time and money involved

    The most important factor in which the number of services decide to reduce your time and money is offered.
    Do you really have the time to learn and offer new services to your customers? Do you have time to raise new customers to compensate the cost of learning a new skill?
    If they meet less performance, they know that they do the quality work and do in time. But if these things are bad, when you add new services, you do not risk it. Not worth reputation your business to bring a new job if you do not create it. But, if you have the time and money to learn new skills, you need to have all the services you offer in your industry and your customers.
    If you decide to offer services as a freelancer, with what you know what you can do. In the end, it comes down to quality versus quantity down. This way, you can satisfy your customers and grow your business.


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